About Volume by Alcohol

My name is Lindsey and I’m a fan of many things and two things I have learned in the past few years that I love the most are beer and music. This blog will feature random songs I find and wish to share, random beers I taste and wish to share and at times I’ll combine the two into a Song Shot where I believe they will complement one another. At breweries they have tasting flights where you sample various brews, I’ll instead (at some point) have Listening Flights where it is a mix between an album review and beer review. I am based in Seattle, WA but cover music from all over as well as international beers that I can get access to.

I’m not an expert in either music or beer, nor do I claim to be, but I know what I like and I know that I like to share things. Volume by Alcohol is my attempt at sharing.

The name “Volume by Alcohol” refers to the term ‘Alcohol By Volume’ or ‘ABV’ that a beer contains.

If you own any of the media (song or video streams, beer label, cover art, etc) I present on this blog and would like it removed please contact me at VolumeByAlcohol AT gmail.com and I’ll remove it promptly. I always try to provide proper credit on everything that I post.

If you have any suggestions (either beer, cocktail, or musical) please send it to me via VolumebyAlcohol AT gmail.com with the subject line “Beer/Music Suggestion”.

If you would like to send me a physical sample of either beer or music for possible review please send me an email at VolumebyAlcohol AT gmail.com with the subject line “Beer/Music Review”. VbA is a one-woman show at the moment and (try as I might) I can’t get to every review request but will promise to look into your request and sample.


Follow VbA on the following social sites to see what records I’ve purchased and beer I’m drinking:

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