Countdown to Treefort Music Fest: Bittercreek Beer and Band Pairings

Image courtesy of Treefort Music Fest 2014

Image courtesy of Treefort Music Fest 2014

As we count down the days until Treefort Music Fest in Boise, we are looking forward to trying out various libations throughout the town in the numerous bars, pubs, and breweries. Here are a handful of beers currently on tap at Bittercreek Alehouse that we feel pair well with a few bands playing at Treefort Music Fest.

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Sat. 3/22 | The Bouquet | 6pm

Equal parts rock, blues and bearded glory, Hobosexual is vastly different than your run-of-the-mill rock outfit. While there are copious amounts of flannel-doused, bearded men flailing on electric guitars and drum sets, Hobosexual offers the listener an entirely different experience. This is one group who knows how to have fun and enjoy the moment, which is not only apparent in their live shows but also their videos (case in point “Van Candy”).

And due to their unique nature Hobosexual pairs quite perfectly with Ballast Point’s Indra Kunindra, a curry-spiced stout. Indra Kunindra features Madras curry and cayenne that offer up a hefty kick to this stout, while the coconut and kaffir lime leave a silky smooth mouthfeel. Although a chile-infused stout is not unheard of, this Indian-spiced version is in a league of its own and deserves to be sought after.

Tango Alpha Tango

Sun. 3/23 | The Bouquet | 10pm

Portland-based Tango Alpha Tango have been putting in their dues in the Pacific Northwest scene for a few years now and it looks like 2014 will see the fruit of their labor. Coming off numerous shows, a live in-studio with KEXP, and now performing at Treefort Music Fest Tango Alpha Tango has a wildly successful first quarter of the year thus far.

The blues rock group have been getting a lot of press as of late, and with good reason. Their new lineup features keys that bring a dynamic change in their live performances and their modern take on blues rock helps gravitate pop fans.

The way Tango Alpha Tango eases listeners into blue rock is the way Epic Brewing eases wine drinkers into beer with their Brainless on Cherries Belgian-style ale. Brainless on Cherries is Epic’s award-winning Belgian ale that is aged in French Syrah and Cabernet oak barrels, thus bringing out the more peppery and earthy notes that wine drinkers adore into a clove-filled Belgian ale. The tart cerry puree that is added to the beer gives off tart, puckery flavors all while making sure to not overpower.

Ned Garthe Explosion

Sat. 3/22 | The Crux | 4pm

Ned Garthe Explosion is a quartet formed “from the fiery depths of Mt Doom”, and also Denver, Colorado. The band has a variety of influences and their style varies from song to song, but they do encompass gritty garage rock to the max. The lo-fi vocals give a throwback to early 70’s recordings along with the fuzzy guitar pedals. This is a group that you will instantly want to party with way into the morning hours.

Sierra Nevada’s Kellerweis is a year-round Hefeweizen that clocks in at just shy of 5% alcohol by volume (ABV). This makes for a great sessionable beer, where you can enjoy multiple Kellwerweis’ throughout the evening without being concerned about your intoxication level. This leaves you able to make coherent decisions like killer dance moves and food choices in Boise (hello Pie Hole!).


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