Countdown to Treefort Music Fest: Week 1 Playlist and Beer Pairings

Image courtesy of Treefort Music Fest 2014

Image courtesy of Treefort Music Fest 2014

We’ve been to Treefort Music Fest down in Boise, Idaho for the past two years since it started and intend on making the 9-hour drive again this year March 20-24. Treefort Music Fest is a unique music and arts festival for emerging artists, they take pride in showcasing musicians that you’ve probably never even heard of but are guaranteed to like.

This year Treefort has over 350 bands playing 17 different venues around town. And if you tire of the music there will be various Forts people can venture in to and participate with, such as: YogaFort, AleFort (21+), HackFort, Storyfort, SkateFort, and Treefort Film Fest. This is truly a music and arts festival, not just a music festival sprinkled with some arts here and there.

AleFort is a beer festival that runs concurrently with Treefort although it is a separate event. You do not need a Treefort Music Fest ticket to attend AleFort. Admission is free to this 21+ event however you do pay for sample tokens. They are expanding AleFort to three days this year and will have special keg tappings and events throughout the weekend.

Here are our choices to pair up with this week’s playlist:

10 Barrel’s Cucumber Crush Sour Ale will go well with: La Luz, Lures, Iska Dhaaf [Sun. 3/23 | 2pm]

Payette’s Mountain Man Barleywine ’13 will go well with: Hobosexual, Finn Riggins, Built To Spill [Sat. 3/22 | 4pm]

Sockeye’s Red Wine Barrel Porter will go well with: Sister Crayon, This Will Destroy You, Cody ChesnuTT [Fri. 3/21 | 6pm]

To help you navigate through the 350+ bands, here at VbA we’re creating a few Youtube playlists every week to give you a sampling of the numerous artists playing the festival. While these playlists barely scratch the surface of the multitude of artists playing Treefort they will hover around 10-15 videos per playlist, and we hope you find a few bands to mark on your Treefort schedule!

Track list:

1. La Luz “Brainwash” [Sat. 3/22 | El Korah Shrine | 8pm]

2. The Shivas “Gun In My Pocket” [Thurs. 3/20 | Neurolux | 8pm]

3. The Cave Singers “Black Leaf” [Sat. 3/22 | Main Stage | 4:10pm]

4. Iska Dhaaf “Happiness” [Sun. 3/23 | Linen Building | 7pm]

5. Tango Alpha Tango “Black Cloud” [Sun. 3/23 | The Bouquet | 10pm]

6. Couches “California” [Sun. 3/23 | The Crux | 4pm]

7. Limbosa “Fight A Grizzly Bear” [Thurs. 3/20 | Tom Grainey’s | 11pm]

8. Colfax Speed Queen “Fortunate Listener” [Sun. 3/23 | The Shredder | 4pm]

9. Hobosexual “Sex Destroyer” [Sat. 3/22 | The Bouquet | 6pm]

10. Hustle And Drone [Sat. 3/22 | Linen Building | 7pm]

11. Sister Crayon “Cynic” [Sun. 3/23 | El Korah Shrine | 9pm]


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