Blind Beer Tasting #11: Tripels

Blind Beer Tasting - Tripels - Photo credit: Lindsey Scully

Blind Beer Tasting – Tripels – Photo credit: Lindsey Scully

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted anything, also since we’ve posted about a Blind Beer Tasting. I might have moved and lost the four tasting papers that told me who won at each event, so with that excuse here are the results for Blind Beer Tasting #11!

The rules are (somewhat) simple: Every person showing up had to bring a beer in the specified style and that was wrapped or the label concealed. We asked attendees to bring either a 750 mL or a couple of 12oz bottles so that everyone could get an adequate sample. We then handed out scorecards that were basic in nature with a rating of 1-10, with 10 being the best and 1 the worst.

There was only one beer opened at a time, this way it alleviated any confusion on people wondering what numbered beer they had.

After the final beer we tallied up and averaged out all the scores for each beer and then it was time to crown the winner. We gathered all the (empty) bottles and growlers and started with the last place beer and worked our way down to the winner, taking off the paper bags with each person saying what beer they brought once revealed.

There was a tie which is why the rank is thrown off a bit below. We ended up having two of the same beer, Sound Brewing’s Tripel Entendre. I’ll note next to each one since the same beer did place differently (which could be due to an older batch, or even the more we drank the higher the scores got. Many variables to be honest.) There will be a #1 next to the beer that was drank first, and a #2 to the second time the same beer was consumed.

Blind Beer Tasting - Tripels - Photo credit: Lindsey Scully

Blind Beer Tasting – Tripels – Photo credit: Lindsey Scully

11. Tripel Entendre #2 (Sound Brewing) – Average score: 4.92

10. St. Feuillien Tripel (St. Feuillien) – Average score: 5.15

9. Issaquah Menage a Frog (Rogue Ales) – Average score: 5.23

8. Corsendonk Agnus (Corsendonk) – Average score: 5.62

7. La Fin du Monde (Unibroue) – Average score: 5.69

6. Tripel (Lantern Brewing) – Average score: 5.77

5. St. Bernardus Tripel (St. Bernardus) – Average score: 5.92

4. Tripel Entendre #1 (Sound Brewing) – Average score: 6.15

3. Watou (St. Bernardus) – Average score: 6.46

2. TIE – Long Strange (Boulevard) and Maredsous 10 (Brouwerij Duvel)  – Average score: 6.92

And the Winner…

1. Bersalis (Oud Beersel) – Average score: 7.15

Congratulations to Oud Beersel Brewing for winning our Blind Beer Tasting on Tripels!

The winner got to choose the next theme and decided on Imperial or Double IPAs, which I will try my hardest to not lose the paperwork for.

To view more photos from the Tripels tasting  visit our Facebook page.

We have had an on-going Spotify playlist that we created called ‘Craft Beer Night’, that features a lot of indie artists as well as some more popular groups. We are constantly adding new songs that we find and enjoy and would like to share it with you! Craft Beer Night is typically always playing whenever we have people over for beer tastings and is great as background music on Shuffle, sorry we can not figure out how to have it randomized when we embed it. But you can subscribe to the playlist and hit the Shuffle button that way! Enjoy and if you have any music (new or old) you think we should add to Craft Beer Night let us know. After all, this is a beer AND music blog and we are always open to suggestions.


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    • Oh geez you made me realize I only have one Winter ale in there! I might have to change that up, and soon. Will most likely try to get some local Winter ales since a good portion of the Beer Advent is non-local brews. Enjoyed your Pumpkin Tasting post! Thanks for reading.

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