Beer Recipe: Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Here is a Roundup of beer-related recipes you can use to perk up your Thanksgiving meal. Each blog listed below has fabulous recipes beyond the ones we link to, make sure to check them out!


The Beeroness has a fantastic beer-food blog with drool-worthy recipes, including her Pumpkin Ale Cheesecake with Beer Pecan Caramel Sauce.

Beer For Dessert has a jaw-dropping recipe for a Three Orange Tart using Seattle’s own Epic Ales’ Solar Trans Amplifier. This tart is almost too gorgeous to cut into.

Bake At 350 has delectable Cupcakes-On-Tap, beer cupcakes!

For more savory dishes:

The Beerista’s Doppelbock Butternut Squash Stew with Lentils and Swiss Chard

Circle B’s Cheese-y Beer Scones will forever replace the aluminum-canned biscuits at the Dining table.

A Spicy Perspective tackles the old war on Brussels Sprouts and she comes out winning, her Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Beer will turn any hater into a fan.

Cook Local uses a dark amber ale as their secret weapon in their Nightwatch Stuffing.

Great use of Turkey leftovers:

Use Real Butter has a magnificent Beer Green Chile Enchilada recipe that originally uses chicken but you can most likely substitute leftover turkey meat into.

The Perfect Pantry has a great recipe for Turkey Mole Chili, although they use ground turkey we think substituting shredded turkey would be just fine.

Food 52 provides a spicy rendition of Jambalaya featuring leftover turkey and beer!

And last but not least, Cooking Light magazine offers up a lighter option for all that extra turkey: Turkey Vatapa. The original recipe calls for a light beer but we believe anything ranging from a hefeweizen to an amber would work just fine.


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